FIFA 18 already has a cover , price and release date

The 2016/2017 football season has now ended. There is a clear winner of this exercise, and it is Real Madrid. The white team have made it to the Champions League for the second consecutive time, thanks in part to the goals of their star: Cristiano Ronaldo. Perhaps because of that and facing the next season, EA Sports has chosen the Portuguese footballer as a front for FIFA 18 , which already has price and release date .

This soccer game is the most popular in the world, only in direct competition with PES, which last edition can already book . Usually it is renewed with a new title in the month of September or October, a date that will not be lacking in 2017. The new triche fifa 18 comes out next Friday 29 of September , although through the Early Access will be able to play three days before.


June 10, key date for more details
The official presentation, beyond the short video posted, will take place on June 10 in Los Angeles. EA Play 2017 is the event that will show for the first time the gameplay of FIFA 18, the new modes and game and legends included in this occasion.

There are many expectations for the second year of Frosbyte Engine, the game engine responsible for the improvements included in FIFA 18 coin generator here . We should not expect revolutionary developments in this title, but the correction of some errors that the developers could not face in the previous edition.

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